Our History

The first Lutheran church in the Muncy Valley was Immanuel Lutheran Church, whose congregation was in existence perhaps as early as 1785. As the town of Muncy grew and the trend grew for the young people to work at and join other churches in the town, many felt the need for a Lutheran church closer to home. A Lutheran Sunday School was organized in April, 1847 and held in a schoolhouse at the upper end of Muncy.
On November 7, 1852, The Rev. George Parsons and several others gathered at the home of Michael S. Rissell to organize the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Muncy. A few days later on November 23rd, the constitution for governing the new church was adopted. A building site was located in the lower end of town on North Main Street where a number of houses were scheduled for erection. On October 19, 1853, Muncy’s Lutheran house of worship was dedicated to God completely debt-free.


For thirteen years, Rev. Parsons served the church in Muncy, as well as Trinity Evangelical Church of Hughesville and Immanuel parish. During his ministry, 148 members were added to the Muncy church rolls. The first infant baptisms were recorded February 5, 1854. Twenty new members were received for the first communion on April 16, 1854. Over the three-year ministry of his successor, The Rev. E.A. Sharretts, 94 members joined; 37 members were added during the three years that The Rev. A.H. Aughey served. Worshipers were sometimes turned away for lack of seating space.
The Penn Street window “Christ, the Good Shepherd” was given in memory of Catherine Ritter by her son Cloyd L. Ritter, a former local native who became a successful lumberman.
The original sanctuary was laid out with seating for 325, in similar style to the interior of another Muncy church. The altar was on the south side. The Sunday School was located on the west of the first floor area, separated by stained glass doors. The sanctuary walls were painted apple green and the ceiling had green, pink and gold designs. The kitchen, dining room and lavatories were located in the basement.
Music has always been a very important part of the worship service. The original organ was a small one used in the old church. A pipe organ was dedicated on December 20, 1914. The cost was $2,400, of which $875 was paid from funds provided by Andrew Carnegie.
When The Rev. William F. Steck retired from the ministry, he returned to Muncy to live out his remaining years. In 1945, the carillon bells were purchased and dedicated in honor of the twenty-three years of his service to the congregation.
The parsonage was built next to the church in 1921. The Rev. B.F. Bieber, D.D., was the first occupant.
In 1956, the name of the church was changed to St. Andrew Evangelical Lutheran Church. Adjoining properties to the south were purchased from the years 1958 to 1965 to provide room for a parking lot.
In 1968, the interior of the building was remodeled to its present appearance. The design changes are typical of post-World War II Lutheran churches.
On December 20, 1974, a new pipe organ was installed. Music continues to be an important part of the worship service. This is why we offer two distinctive worship services every Sunday, Liturgical and Blended.
During the pastorate of The Rev. Philip S. Lambdin, Timothy Spring became the first son of the congregation to enter the ministry. Currently, two young members are considering Christian ministry.
In 1993 St. Andrew called The Rev. Dr. Donald P. Edwards to be the pastor of this congregation. Under the ministry of Dr. Edwards the DeBrunner property was purchased in 1994 and razed for additional parking in 2001. A prayer garden was dedicated in 2003 and graces the area where the DeBrunner house once stood. The church became handicap-accessible in 1996 with the addition of a lift and handicap ramp. A concert grand piano was purchased that accompanies the worshipers who attend St. Andrew. A video system was installed in 2014 for the worship participation and practice of the congregants.
 In 2010, St. Andrew, by congregational vote, left the ELCA and, soon after on May 23, 2010, our church joined the Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ (LCMC), an association of congregations and individuals who are free in Christ, accountable to one another, rooted in the Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions and working together to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission to go and make disciples of all nations.
Over the past few years, several or our members have entered into full time vocational ministry; The Rev. Stan Bower, The Rev. Janet Dougherty, The Rev. Donald Snyder, Jennifer Souter, and Erica Lutcher.
Pastor Edwards officially retired at the end of October 2015 and filled the pulpit through the end of the year. We are grateful for his twenty-two years of service to our congregation.
On October 25, 2015, St. Andrew called The Rev. Daniel P. Landin to be its next pastor after the retirement of Dr. Edwards. Pastor Landin began his pastorate on January 1, 2016. His installation and ordination service was on July 10, 2016. On that same day, Janet Dougherty was ordained and installed as a chaplain and is deployed to Shalom Ministry, a support ministry for LCMC. The church has since moved on from its traditional two services each Sunday to one service each week in an effort to increase congregational unity and the sense of community in the congregation.
At the end of 2018, Pastor Landin and his family left to take a new call in Nebraska. We are thankful for the three years they were with us and look forward to serving Christ with the next pastor God calls to our church.
For 166 years, this Lutheran parish has existed in Muncy, PA. St. Andrew’s current building has stood for 113 of those years. Since 1852, we have been blessed to have eighteen pastors serve our congregation. God has greatly blessed our church and we give him all the praise and glory!
Our Pastors
The Rev. George Parsons, 1852-1865
The Rev. Dr. E.A. Sharretts, D.D., 1866-1868
The Rev. A.H. Aughey, 1869-1872
The Rev. Dr. H.C. Haithcox, D.D., 1872-1875
The Rev. J.H. Hackenberg, 1875-1877
The Rev. Dr. E.H. Leisenring, D.D., 1878-1884
The Rev. Dr. M.S. Cressman, D.D., 1885-1888
The Rev. J.A. Koser, 1888-1895
The Rev. William F. Steck, 1895-1919
The Rev. Dr. B.F. Bieber, D.D., 1919-1927
The Rev. J.W. Gentzler, 1927-1936
The Rev. Dr. F.H. Moyer, S.T.D., 1937-1941
The Rev. John W. Whetstone, 1941-1955
The Rev. Louis K. Helldorfer, 1956-1968
The Rev. Philip S. Lambdin, 1968-1985
The Rev. Dale Johnson, 1985-1993
The Rev. Dr. Donald P. Edwards, D.Min., 1993-2015
The Rev. Daniel P. Landin, 2016-2018
Soli Deo Gloria!